Full deconstructionof existing AirNew ZealandHanger

Full deconstructionof existing AirNew ZealandHanger

"As a company we strive to be a leader in all our specialist industries, which has placed us on many specialized and complex projects in the Wellington Region"

- Thomas Jefferson, General Manager


  • Removal of internal buildings and backfilling of existing services pit

Planning and Control

  • Project in currently in progress, within budget and within program withoutany major issues.
  • The Methodology was reviewed and approved by Hawkins ConstructionLtd and WIAL.
  • Multi Civil prepared a Demolition Methodology Plan for approval andimplementation during the works.
  • All phases of the work had to have a thorough Methodology (Example 1)and Task Analysis review and approval prior to any work starting.
  • The Methodology was reviewed and approved by Hawkins ConstructionLtd (Example 1).

High Risk Works

  • Working at heights while removing the roof and cladding with full harnessfall protection.
  • We implemented the use of safety nets for roof removal works.
  • Working at heights when removing large steel purlin sections.
  • Tandem lifting of steel purlins.

Skills used included

  • Temporary traffic control
  • Demolition
  • Temporary propping installation and dismantling
  • Working at heights
  • Rigging and slinging


  • Removal of Roof and external cladding
  • Removal of the Asbestos soffit cladding around building footprint
  • Removal of all steel purlins and steel structure

Environmental controls

  • Multi Civil employed the use of a Dust Fighter and hand held hoses tomitigate the dust created during the demolition.
  • Multi Civil used a fully bunded diesel tank for the storage of diesel fuelduring the works.
  • Stringent consent issues had to be adhered to with regards noisy work.
  • The demolition was carried out in close vicinity to many office blocks withany noisy works carried out prior to 9.0am and after 5.0pm Monday to Friday and on Saturdays after 7.30am.

Machinery and plant used

  • Multiple mobile cranes ranging from 100ton to 4tons.
  • 33 ton excavator with steel shear
  • 22.5 ton excavator with steel shear
  • Scissor lift
  • Dust Fighter and generator
  • 4.0m3 truck
  • 7.5m3 trucks
  • 9.0m3 truck

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